I started creating vision boards when I was a kid, long before I understood the powers of visualization and manifestation.

Back then I’d cut out images of my favorite celebrities, pretty spaces, and cool places from my old magazines and glue them to a piece of cardstock.

And while many of the dreams on those boards never came to fruition (AKA my stint as an Olympic gymnast, lol), I never stopped believing in my own abilities. And I never stopped creating vision boards.

To this day, I wholeheartedly believe that I have the power to create my dream life. So at least once a year I designate time to put together a vision board.

Only now do I realize how valuable doing so truly is.

Computer wallpaper with a digital vision board set as it's lock screen photo.

According to Psychology Today, visualization trains the brain for performance. It increases confidence, motivation, and action.

Simply put: claiming what you want in life mentally helps you to create those things physically.

I speak from experience when I say that visualization works. It’s helped me to create businesses, pay for dream vacations, and even create (and stick to!) wellness habits.

And while some of the dreams on my vision boards have not been recognized (at least not yet!), I’ve gained invaluable knowledge simply by daring to strive for them. Knowledge that I know will eventually help me obtain all that I hope for.

That said, if you want to create a life you love, I can’t recommend the practice of vision boarding enough.

To make it easy for you, below I’m sharing my process for creating an easy, effective online vision board in minutes.

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What is a Vision Board?

Let’s start here for those who are unfamiliar.

A vision board is a tool used to create clarity, focus and direction in life. They consist of a collection of inspirational words and images that speak to what you want to be, do and/or have in life.

Vision boards can be displayed wherever and however you wish. You can create a physical collage using magazine clippings, pin your visuals to a corkboard, or create a digital vision board to display on your devices.

For the purpose I’ve this post, I’m going to focus on the latter, showing you how to create an online vision board that can be displayed on your phone or desktop. Like these…

Computer wallpaper with a digital vision board set as it's lock screen photo.
Mobile phone wallpaper with a digital vision board set as it's lock screen photo.

How to Make a Vision Board Online:

In my opinion, Canva is the best tool for creating an online vision board. It’s user friendly and has a nice variety of images and assets (like fun text and graphics). You can get by with the free version, but the paid version has tons of cool upgrades if you can see yourself designing other things.

Nonetheless, here’s how to make an online vision board using the free version of Canva

Step 1: Define Your Vision

Before you even open Canva in your browser, you have to figure out what you really want to accomplish in life; What you deeply desire. The words and images used in your digital vision board have to have a clear meaning, that way they can provide you with vivid focus and direction ongoing.

You can’t map out your journey without first knowing your destination!

So ask yourself these questions and write down (or type up) the answers:

  1. What is the timestamp of this vision board? Does it reflect my reality 1, 3, 5, 10 year(s) from today? (Personally, I think the most effective vision boards reflect the short term. I make mine for 3 years out as that feels more manageable and actionable to me.
  2. What am I proud of in my personal life? (Think about what your family, hobbies, habits, etc. look like at this point.)
  3. What have I accomplished in my professional life? (Think about the milestones, awards, etc. you’ve achieved.)

After answering the questions, write down anything else that is important to your future self.

Step 2: Organize Your Creative

Once you have your vision in place, find images or words that reflect what’s in it. Like I mentioned earlier, Canva offers a ton of assets (both free and paid options) for creating an online vision board. It has a text generator, too, so you can add custom words and quotes.

But if they don’t have anything that matches your ideal digital vision board vibe, check out Pinterest or even Google. They have tons of inspiration you can pull from (for personal use only).

Once you have a folder full of visuals, create sub-folders reflecting the various categories you’re covering (ex. wellness, travel, business, etc.) Drag and drop each image into the various sub-folders. This will make it easier to assemble your canvas. You might not be able to use every image you’ve saved (there are only so many images that can fit on a single canvas), but you should strive to use at least one from each category (folder) so your full vision is represented.

Step 3: Choose Your Digital Vision Board Template

There are so many ways to display a digital vision board! You can make one for your computer desktop, cell phone background, or both. I recommend the latter, that way you can keep your goals in front of you at all times.

To make assembling your digital vision boards super simple, I sell digital vision board templates in my Etsy shop for just a few bucks!

Each vision board kit includes a phone wallpaper template and a desktop wallpaper template. Both are fully editable using the free version of Canva. So you can add your own images, text, and update them whenever you’d like!

Sample digital vision boards for mobile and desktop by The Joyful Co.

Step 4: Edit Your Digital Vision Board Template

Once you have your digital vision board template opened in Canva, you can start editing.

Add Your Images…

Upload your own images using Canva’s upload option or find applicable images within their stock library.

FYI: Some stock images will be free, others you will have to pay for. Simply hover over the stock image and it will tell you if it’s free or not.

Once you’re ready, simply click and drag your images into the image frames.

Edit or Add Text…

To edit text, just double click on the existing text, highlight it, and start typing.

To add additional text, use Canva’s custom text too.

Change the Background Color…

To change the background color, click on the background – you’ll see a teal box appear around the edges. Then navigate to the top right, click on the background color tool, then select your desired option.

Here’s a quick video tutorial for my visual learners. Click on the video to move to the next slide/step. Feel free to comment below with questions!

How To Edit Our Digital Vision Board Templates In Canva by thisisjoyful on Jumprope.

Sample digital vision boards for mobile and desktop by The Joyful Co.

Truly, creating vision boards has changed my life. I don’t think that I would be where I am today without them.

But online vision board creation is a very small part of bringing your dreams to life.

In order for vision boards to work, you have to firmly believe that everything you desire – everything on your board – is available to you.

You have to review it daily, set goals, and take action.

Dreams don’t work unless you do, my friend!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading. Do your best today, babe!


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